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Our goal is to teach you the art of Filmmaking, with a focus on Cinematography.  On this site, we will cover:


1.  The Anatomy of a Digital Cine Camera Package

2.  Achieving a Cinematic Look through Camera Settings & Techniques

3.  The Rules of Composition

4.  How to Achieve Natural and Motivated Lighting

5.  Professional Camera Movement

6.  On Set Procedure (getting ready to roll!)

7.  Capturing Sound in the Field

8.  Pre-production (Storyboards, Story Structure & More)

9.  Post Production (Editing)


We will also:


10.  Interview Industry Professionals about their jobs

11.  Review Gear

12.  Recommend additional Material for Inspiration


We hope that we will help build your arsenal of knowledge and gear.  We also hope that we will inspire you to go out and make your own films.

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“Learn the rules before you try to bend or break them. You need a foundation on which to build.”


-Douglas Slocombe, BSC

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A cinematographer or director of photography (sometimes shortened to DP or DOP) is the chief over the camera crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image.



Filmmaking Tools -


A tool is any physical item that can be used to achieve a goal.  The set of tools needed to achieve a goal is "equipment".  The knowledge of constructing, obtaining and using tools is technology.



Location Scouting -

Location Scouting is part of the Pre-production Stage of Filmmaking.


During pre-production, the script is broken down into individual scenes storyboards and all the locations, props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified. An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the necessary elements to be available to the film-makers at the appropriate times. Sets are constructed, the crew is hired, financial arrangements are put in place and a start date for the beginning of principal photography is set.



Director Matt Doyle of Big Brick On Set -

Director Matt Doyle (of Big Brick Productions) on set in the

Production/Principal Photography Stage of Filmmaking.

Production/Principal Photography

Principal photography is the phase of film production in which the movie is filmed, with actors on set and cameras rolling.



Edit Suite at NLC -

An Edit Suite at Northern Lights Communications, Inc.  Editing is part of the Post Production stage of filmmaking.

Post Production

The post-production phase of creating a film includes the complete editing, color correction and the addition of music and sound. The process of editing a movie is also seen as the second directing because through post-production it is possible to change the intention of the movie. Furthermore, through the use of color grading tools and the addition of music and sound, the atmosphere of the movie can be heavily influenced.



“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.”


-Robert Rodríguez